What is a Neon Night Run? Simply put, it is  a fun 5K night event where runners/walkers will be splashed with Neon Glo Water.  As they pass certain glow stations, their colors will show!  This is a timed event and JAYMAX Race Timing Services will be in charge of registration, Results Posting and Distribution.  At the finish will be an Athlete's village full of vendors, both local and national, as well as a concert in the park will we will have a huge after glow party provided by MS Event Group!  We will have black lights, lasers and amazing music as well as live feed on our 9x12 monitors 

What should I bring?  Glow Sticks, a white shirt (if you didn't pre-register and get a free shirt), and you may want to bring a towel for your car, possibly a change of clothes if you are worried about it.  The glow water dries very quickly, but it never hurts to be prepared.  You may also want to bring a little cash in case you want to pick up some additional food, drinks, or other merchandise as well.  Do not forget your camera!

Is the course certified at a 5K course?  YES! the course is State certified! YEA!

Will the course be lit up? The course will be lit, the participants will be decorated, and the fun will be never ending.

Can I bring a stroller? Only decorated, illuminated strollers and children will be allowed on the course. (Children must either be in stroller or in a carrier).  We want them decorated and illuminated so we can find them easily.  Please remember, it will be dark outside. 

What should I wear? All runners MUST wear a solid white t-shirt, a decorated team shirt, or the given participant shirt.  We do encourage all runners to wear glow in the dard or LED items. (neon bracelets, neon necklaces, and any neon gear that you can find.)  

How will we see the course? Not only will the course be radiantly lit up, all participants are encouraged to wear a forehead light.

How old do you have to be in order to participate? All ages are welcome. (Small children in Strollers or Carriers will be allowed.)

What are the Registration Fees? 
     Regular registration: $25
    Day of Race: $30
    Team discount: $5 off each runner (minimum of 4 people to form a team)

Why Form a Team?
     Make the Express Neon 5K more fun by running with a team. Gather your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and anyone off the street and form your own team. Create your own team name (must be a minimum of 4 members-no maximums) Enjoy a $5 discount off each member's registration fee.  You can start, run and finish as a group, or spread apart, it doesn't matter to us!

Can I create my own team's shirts?  You can customize your own team shirt, as long as it is primarily white.

Can I pick race Packet up early? Packet pick-up allows you to snag your bibs, t-shirt, and other items before the day of the event. We strongly encourage each runner to do the Packet Pick-up as it greatly reduces your waiting time the night of the event (the lines may be LONG!).

    Packet Pick-up will be at Holiday Inn Civic Center form 6:30-9:00 pm on September 13, 2013.

    Address: 700 Rogers Avenue
                     Fort Smith, AR 72901

    You must bring these items with you:
        Driver's license/ Photo I.D.
        Initialed, Signed & dated participant waiver
        High energy & be ready for the Greatest Running event ever!

Can I pickup Up a Friend's packet? If you want to pick up a friend's packet, you must bring the following -     NO EXCEPTIONS
    Photocopy of their Driver's license/Photo I.D.
    Initialed, Signed and Dated Participant Waiver